MKR contestants Pat & Louisa

“Mum is very down to be hip,” Louisa reveals. “She’s like a 22-year-old. She loves slang…”

“YOLO! LOL! OMG! ILY!” jokes leopard print-lover Pat, who admits she’s “always on the prowl.”

“Hot dudes and hot food,” Louisa laughs.

“Louisa’s dad passed away 10 years ago. We miss him,” Pat says. “He was a good man and definitely an influence on our cooking.”

“I think he’d be proud to see some Hungarian food on Australian TV,” Louisa says, reflecting on her father’s heritage.

Pat, who was born in Italy, works as a receptionist while Louisa is a primary school teacher.

“I really love the kids and working with them every day,” Louisa shares.

“Mum is the best person to go in this competition with cause she’s not a regular mum, she’s cool,” she continues. “She knows her stuff, she knows her flavours, she’s been cooking forever and everyone loves her food.”

“We just like to bring joy to the kitchen," Pat says. "Food not only nurtures the body, it nurtures relationships.”

“Winning My Kitchen Rules would be the pinnacle, the top, the highest point of my life,” she continues with a smile.

“Game over, mic drop!”