MKR contestants Olga & Valeria

“We want to show that Russians don’t just drink vodka and fight bears,” freelance photographer Valeria says with a smile.

“And to prove that Russians aren’t really all that bad… not all the time.”

Olga, a business consultant, feels that Russian food is really under-represented in Australia. 

The straight shooters became friends while working together in her former business, a Russian bakery in Newtown.

“To be honest we’re not here to make friends,” Olga confesses. “If it happens I don’t mind, however our primary goal is to win the competition so the other teams better watch out.”

“Australians are so different to Russians,” Valeria says.

“They’re very laidback,” Olga adds.

“Which really to us means lazy,” Valeria explains. “For me, being critical is saying it can be better. Next time make it better,” she continues. 

“If they can’t take it, that’s not my problem.”

“We come from a competitive nation” Olga says. 

“We’re confident about our skills. We want to win and we want to win with a bang!”