MKR contestants Kim & Suong.

“We’re both Vietnamese and we’re both refugees," Suong reveals.

"I came here when I was five on a homemade boat. I’ve never been to a five-star restaurant before. I never say no to food. I eat everything.”

Friends since high school, Kim says “our friendship grew because we understand each other very well.”

“It’s thanks to our parents that we’re here and having a good life.”

Immensely proud of their culture and their food, these “supermums” have seven children between them.

“When I grew up we didn’t have much to eat so I always want to make sure my kids are happy and fed,” Suong shares.

“What we didn’t have we are trying to give to our kids now,” Kim explains. “We definitely appreciate and understand the value of food.”

“Being a mother changed our lives,” Suong admits. “We lost ourselves. Our life is about the kids. So being on MKR is about doing something for us.

We’re here because we’re passionate about food.”

“We’re doing this for ourselves and for our families. We want to make them proud,” Kim says.

“It’s going to be hectic but we’re mums, we’re used to it.”