MKR contestants Josh & Nic.

"We're not worried," Nic says. "Between running our family restaurant and cooking for our family, we’re used to a big mob.”

“Our fascination with food pretty much began when we were out of our mother’s womb,” Josh laughs.

Family, friends, food (and great style), are very important to the suave siblings.

They own and run an Italian food truck.

“Growing up in an Italian household, mum never let us stay inside,” says Josh.

“The only time we came in was when she yelled out ‘food’s ready’. And boy did we come in!”

The former pro-football players learnt to cook by observing their mum and nonnas, at home and in their parents’ restaurant.

They hope to make them proud with their hearty Italian food.

“It’s an honour to represent our family,” Nic says.

“We’ll show our guests the passion that we show on the football field,” Josh adds.

“Our Instant Restaurant will be the best. Italians do it better!”