MKR contestants Jess & Emma.

“We’re not to be underestimated, we’ve got what it takes,” Jess says.

“We’re not here for a holiday. Our food stacks up and we plan on kicking some ass. We want to win MKR.”

“We’re going to win because I want the money!” a candid Emma confesses.

“We could win… when we score everyone zero.”

The outspoken siblings place a lot of importance on appearance.

“It’s all about presentation,” says Emma. “Us, the food… we’ll smash it out of the park!”

Jess adds, “on first impressions people will think that we’re horrible stuck up bitches, until they get to know us…”

“Emma is my best friend as well as my sister,” Jess reveals. “We know how each other works, and that’s our biggest advantage.”

According to Emma, “I think both of us will be the boss in the kitchen.”