MKR contestants Henry & Anna

“Last season Damo and Caz gave us a quick visit to buy some truffles for their Instant Restaurant,” Henry says.

“I’d be lying if I said it didn’t attract a little bit of attention.”

Caz’s crush sent social media alight and the media clamoured to talk to the handsome Tasmanian.

“Caz got me into this mess I think,” Henry laughs.

The affable siblings admit they’re not the most experienced cooks.

“We’re born and bred country kids,” Henry says. “We’ve grown up with simple food and that’s what we’re going to serve.”

“If we can put out three courses and no one vomits, no one cries and I don’t chop a finger off or break anything, it’ll be a good night,” jokes Anna.

“We really want to showcase our love of truffles and how proud we are of what mum and dad have created,” she adds.

“We’re so lucky to have grown up on a truffle farm. It’s very special to us.”

“To experience something like this with your sister and best mate is once in a lifetime,” Henry confesses.

“I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather be doing it with.”