MKR contestants Georgie & Alicia

“Our parents run a Chinese restaurant so we definitely have something to prove,” Alicia says. 

“As kids we were wrapping wontons and peeling carrots instead of playing games.”

“We love our food and we have high standards,” she continues. “We don’t go to a restaurant expecting terrible food.”

“Growing up in the family restaurant observing our dad cooking definitely gives us an advantage,” Georgie says. “We have what it takes to win this!”

“We talk a big game but we know that we can do the cooking to prove it,” Alicia says. 

“I will be disappointed if we don’t get a 10… let alone three 10s!”

Georgie and Alicia confess they’re an acquired taste.

“I openly admit that I can be really bitchy,” Alicia says. 

“Part of that is our cultural upbringing. Our parents have no filter and I think we’re both thick skinned because of that.”

“That’s how you get through life, with honesty” Georgie says. 

“Ultimately we don’t care what other teams think about us.”

“We had resting bitch face from a very young age,” Alicia laughs.