MKR contestants Davide & Marco

“People are always trying to reinvent Italian food,” says Davide, a computer systems engineer. 

“You don’t need to reinvent the classics.”

Davide pronounced Davi-day (“don’t call me David”) and Marco are immensely proud of their Italian heritage but Davide admits they can be very competitive.

“We’re really close family friends. We’ve known each other since Marco was born,” he says.

“I think Marco by nature is the more competitive one.”

“I love to win,” Marco confesses, “...but I’m not a bad loser.”

“No, you’re a sore winner and that’s worse!” Davide laughs.

“We have a fantastic chemistry when we cook together,” Marco says.

“We’re always laughing, yelling, fighting, bickering…”

“You’ll get every emotion under the sun with us!” adds Davide.

Marco, GM of a scaffolding company, recently married the love of his life while “mamma’s boy” Davide currently lives at home.

“Passionate is a great way to describe us, but to use a different word I’d say just awesome,” Marco says.