MKR contestants Alex & Emily.

For drinks consultant Alex, looking after customers is in his blood… just don’t call him a mixologist (“That’s a bit of a wanky name”).

Bargain hunter Emily is a restaurant supervisor. “I love talking to people so it suits me to a tea,” she reveals.

The loved-up foodies have been together for three-and-a-half years, after meeting while working at a Sydney rum bar.

“Emily is my little pocket rocket,” Alex gushes. “She’s gorgeous as hell. We have so much love between us.”

Coming into the competition, the perfectionists believe they have a bit of an upper hand.

“We love entertaining; we love being hospitable, we know what it takes to run a great venue, and the pressures that come with that,” Alex says.

“MKR is a vessel to take us to our dream. We want to have our venue one day. We want to win!”

“We entertain at home, we entertain at work, we do it every single day,” Emily adds. “This is just on a much bigger scale.”