Brisbane mother and daughter team, Valerie and Courtney are set to spice things up. 

“My mum loves her spices,” says Courtney. “She carries raw chillies in her handbag.”

“If the food’s a bit bland, the chillies come out,” admits Valerie.

Valerie is a real estate agent, and has been married to her husband Errol for 40 years.

Courtney, who works in media sales, is the eldest of their three children.

“Courtney makes me feel young at heart, and I love spending time with her,” says Valerie.

“I’m so grateful to be in this competition with mum,” says Courtney. “I couldn’t think of anyone else I’d want to share this experience with.”

Valerie and Courtney study their past for success in the future, drawing on their Anglo Indian roots.

“Our recipes have been passed down through generations,” says Courtney.

“I have a book of my father’s recipes, it's been with me for about 44 years,” reveals Valerie. “I think it’s going to be our secret weapon.”

“I always remember mum in the kitchen cooking, and in earlier times my Poppy,” says Courtney. “I liked to help out where I could, and learned a lot from watching on.”

“You’ve never seen food like ours,” promises Valerie.

Food Philosophy

Cook food from the heart, and keep the traditions alive. 


Savoury and sweet.

In the Kitchen

Valerie is the boss and Courtney is the sous chef.

Valerie is a home cook, and likes an abundance of everything.

Courtney feels her mum always wants to do too much, so she reigns her in and keeps everything organised.

Valerie is very traditional, while Courtney gives things a modern flair when she can.

There are plenty of fireworks, but Courtney has a deep respect for her mother.

Home Cook Heroes

Valerie: My dad.

Courtney: My mum. She has lived and breathed food. 

Signature Dish

Valerie: I don't have just one. My lamb curry, kitchari and jalfrezi are typical Anglo-Indian dishes which I learnt from my father. 

Courtney: Lamb curry. It's special to mum and I because it's a family favourite.