Adelaide best mates Tim and Kyle bonded over their love of beer, beards and good food. 

Bartender Kyle works to live, not lives to work. 

Tim works in advertising sales, but has quit his job to pursue his real passion - food. 

They describe their cooking style and modern Australian hunter-gatherers. 

"When I was a teenager my mum worked a lot of nights, so I tried to learn some new moves in the kitchen," says Kyle. 

"Good food, good mood. I've always said that." 

"I first learned to cook with my dad who's a chef," says Tim. 

"I'm keen to get into the kitchen and show the teams what I can do. I quit my job for this competition so it's really important that we do well!"

"We came here to win!" adds Kyle. 

The single, self-described social butterflies enjoy beer, live music, beer, socialising, beer, the footy and their mates! 

Food Philosophy

If we love the food, everyone else will too! 



In the Kitchen

As a general rule, if it's meats and sauces Kyle will take charge. 

Tim is more of a sides and desserts dude, and in charge of plating up. 

They have their tiffs, but move on fast. 

Together they make a "pretty rad team." 

Home Cook Heroes

Tim: The old man and nonna.

Kyle: I don't have one. 

Signature Dish

Tim: Nonna's lasagne. She taught me this in her backyard kitchen and it tastes bloody amazing. 

Kyle: Spiced kangaroo