Busniess women Mell and Cyn are planning on success. 

“We’re definitely here to win,” says Cyn. She acknowledges that people can be intimidated by how confident and successful her and Mell are.

“When people first meet us they tend to judge us as pretentious, stuck up cows,” says Cyn. “That’s their problem, not ours.

I don’t really care what people think about me.” “I tell it how it is,” adds Mell.

Mell works in the law firm Cyn owns with her husband. “So technically I’m her boss,” says Cyn.

“In the kitchen we don’t think either of us is boss. We’ve both got our strengths in different departments. We can both cook well, so we don’t need a boss.”

Mell describes their entertaining style as “high class”. “We love entertaining, we love the wow factor,” says Cyn.

“The other teams are going to be intimidated the moment they drive up to our house.”

"But don’t judge a book by its cover," warns Cyn.

“I think people’s perceptions of us will be ‘we have it all’,” says Cyn. “But we didn’t get that by luck. We didn’t get it given to us. It was bloody hard work, and a lot of sacrifice.

That’s exactly the attitude we’re going to take into this competition.”

Food Philosophy

Fresh, full, flavoured food, with a creative flair.


Savoury AND sweet. 

In the Kitchen

There is no leader or follower. They are both bosses and work very well together.

Each of them plays a strong role in the kitchen, as they are good at different things.

Cyn is a more relaxed cook, so helps to calm Mell down.

Mell pushes Cyn to do better.

When it comes to recipes, they nut things out together to achieve an end result they are both satisfied with.

Mell and Cyn both understand what hard work is, and never ever give up.

Home Cook Heroes

Mell: Cyn

Cyn: My nonna.

Signature Dish

Mell: Satay chicken, profiteroles and chocolate eclairs. 

Cyn: I don’t really have just one. But my meatballs are special to me, because it took a lot of meatballs to get the tick of approval from my husband.