From a family of five sisters come southwest Sydney siblings Kelsey and Amanda.

They want to liven up the competition with their unique approach to life.

“Everyone’s going to see how fun, colourful and loud we are,” says Amanda.

“But we’re also going to show the other teams that we’re not bimbos and they shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.”

Married mum-of-three Amanda sells makeup, while Kelsey and her partner recently welcomed their first child.

Kelsey's currently on maternity leave from her career as a banker. However she readily admits she cannot do maths and definitely uses a calculator!

“One of the advantages we have is that we’re busy mums and are used to multitasking,” says Amanda. “That’s a massive thing that we do all day, every day.”

“I would rate us as chef material,” offers Kelsey.

“Food to us means laughter, family… and loudness,” adds Amanda.

Food Philosophy

Make it taste good! 


Amanda’s strength lies in savoury dishes while Kelsey’s is with sweet.

In the Kitchen

They work really well together and can pre-empt what the other is thinking.

Kelsey is the bossy one, but Amanda is happy to let that slide to get the job done.

Home Cook Heroes

Kelsey: Everyone in my family teaches me new things.

Amanda: My nan, especially for her baked dinners and famous cheesecake.

Signature Dish

Kelsey: Chocolate fondant. I am always cooking it for my family and they love it!

Amanda: Duck with cherry sauce and snapper (our dad loves snapper).