Karen and Ros have been best friends and midwives for more than 20 years. 

"I love being part of the most beautiful experience, of people having a baby," says Karen. 

"It's the most beautiful job in the world," agrees Ros. 

With three and four adult children respectively, these Melbourne mums enjoy a shared passion for their families. Plus their work, keeping fit, the footy, cooking and champagne. 

"Because we cook so much for our big families, we're bloody good at it," says Ros. 

"And being midwives, we're used to being organised, which gives us a huge advantage," adds Karen. 

"Hopefully we'll produce a beautiful result on the table like we do in the birth suite." 

"The competition better watch out, cause the midwives are here to deliver," Ros sums up. 

Food Philosophy

To cook fresh, nutritious and flavoursome dishes, that we plate up and serve with love. 

To make our families and friends feel nourished and nurtured. 



In the Kitchen

More experienced cook Ros is head chef, while Karen is the sous chef.

Ros is a bit more experimental and knowledgeable about flavours, while the more basic home cook Karen is good with plating and other suggestions. 

They're both instinctive, opinionated and very vocal while they are cooking. 

Home Cook Heroes

Karen: Ros

Ros: My eldest sister. She can whip up a delicious meal at a moment's notice. 

Signature Dish

Karen: Tiramisu! I make a chocolate tiramisu, a berry tiramisu, and I also invented a lamington tiramisu for my Australia Day BBQ last year. 

Ros: Roast pork. It'a a family favourite. And my summer pudding at Christmas.