Married seafood lovers from Broome Josh and Amy, plan to put their money where their mouth is.

They're promising the best seafood the competition has ever seen.

“I was going to keep quiet about knowing seafood so well, but I’m a big personality and I couldn’t keep it quiet,” says Josh, a deckhand.

“Josh is a seafood master,” adds Amy, a casual relief teacher. “He knows what he’s talking about.”

“Most of my skills in the kitchen are selftaught,” says Josh. “When it comes to the preparation and cooking of seafood, I would beat a five star chef.

Our seafood that we put on for people is better than restaurant quality.”

Josh and Amy and their beloved Australian Shepherd, Dustin, live with housemates in the coastal paradise. 

They're are connected by a love of travel, the ocean and the great state of WA, which they are very proud to call home.

“The lifestyle we have here in Broome is absolutely perfect,” says Amy. “We love being on Broome time and just getting to kick back and relax.”

Food Philosophy

Fresh is best! Western Australia has the best seafood and we want to share it with the world. 



In the Kitchen

Josh is more assertive and likes to be the dominant one.

They clash a fair bit as it’s hard for Amy to follow orders sometimes, especially when she thinks he’s wrong!

Josh’s cooking style is “go with the flow”, creative and spontaneous, while Amy is organised, plans ahead and sticks to the recipe.

Amy does dessert and Josh does everything else.

Home Cook Heroes

Josh: Malcolm Douglas because he can use limited ingredients and equipment to create amazing bush tucker.

Amy: Mumsy.

Signature Dish

Josh: Chilli mussels, so tasty!

Amy: Chilli mud crab because to me it’s a celebration dish. We go out and catch the mud crabs ourselves, cook them ourselves, then enjoy a hard day’s work by devouring them with friends!