Brisbane foodie friends Della and Tully can’t wait to show everybody what they can do.

“People say we’re a bit of an odd combo, but that’s ok... we are,” admits Tully.

“We’re very organised, we have fun and we can play on each other’s strengths. Hopefully that shines through in the kitchen,” says Della.

“Some say we’re extroverts and the life of the party. While we both enjoy a good laugh, we do take our jobs very seriously,” reveals Tully,

who has a rewarding career in indigenous health.

“Nobody can believe that I’m a construction lawyer, but I am,” laughs perfectionist Della.

“Being Maltese, I learnt to cook as I was learning to eat, and I’ve had lots of key influences on my cooking,” she adds.

“I really see MKR as a journey, for helping me hone in on my skills in the hope of having a career in food one day.”

“Dinner parties with Della are like no other,” says Tully. “The more the merrier is definitely the motto.”

Food Philosophy

We want to show people that food is fun.

Take something simple, be a little inventive and make it great.

Respect the produce, cook fresh and from scratch.



In the Kitchen

Della is the driving force, while Tully steadies the ship.

Della is the creator of all things delish. She will cook most of the dishes while Tully is the cleaner, chopper, grinder, preparer and gofer.

They work well together but like most relationships, they enjoy robust discussions.

Home Cook Heroes

Della: Jamie Oliver is just the shiz. His lisp, his passion for food, the flavour combos. Just unreal.

Tully: Bill Granger.

Signature Dish

Della: I don’t have a signature dish per se, but I have signature Asian fusion combinations.

I love cooking good cuts of beef and teaming them with Asian accompaniments or twists – like tempura vegetables or soy dipping sauces or marinating beef in miso.

Tully: Slow roasted meats and big sharing platters, especially my 12 hour mutton and lemon potatoes with a fancy salad of whatever I have in my fridge.

I grew up eating cheaper cuts of meat with my large family, so I love being able to make them really delish.