Catergory manager David and social media influencer Betty hail from Sydney's western suburbs. 

They might be #justfriends, but they're hoping to go all the way in the competition. 

"As a team, we love that we are straightforward with each other," says Betty. 

"We're like brother and sister, and we're going to stand up for each other no matter what happens," adds David. 

After meeting a a body piercing parlour, the main thing that brought them together was their backgrounds. 

David's family came to Australia on a boat from Vietnam, while Betty's family are from Laos. 

"We are so proud of our culture," Betty says. "Both our mums are amazing cooks." 

These self-confessed hustlers will do whatever it takes to get to the end. 

"I think we're doing things a little different," says David. "We're cooking food our mamas have taught us, that we've grown up with, that we love to eat.

So hopefully we're serving up something they're not expecting or haven't tried before." 

Food Philosophy

Sticking to our roots and cooking authentic Southeast Asian flavours that our mothers have taught us. 



In the Kitchen

Betty is fast with a knife while David brings the creativity. 

Both are natural leaders, and will take charge in their area of strength. 

They're open to opinions, although David tends to take the lead. 

Home Cook Heroes 

David: My mother 

Betty: My mumma 

Signature Dish

David: My carbonara with no cream. Simple ingredients, but it's the most delicious dish and comforting every time. 

Betty: Lao pawpaw salad. We have a mortar and pestle that has been in our family since I was born. I remember how proud my family was when I picked it up for the first time.