Proudly taking on the mainlanders are Tassie sweethearts Damo and Caz, who are also parents to two energetic young boys. 

"Caz is one of the best mums I've ever seen," reveals Damo. "She puts other people before herself." 

Damo is a sparky at the local hospital, while Caz is a social worker, working with children and young people. 

"Cooking is the one thing that we do together and enjoy together," says Damo. "It's our couple thing."

"Damo and I balance each other well," says Caz. "He is unorganised, forgetful and at times frustrating. I am organised and a bit of a control freak, so it just seems to work." 

The husband and wife feel a weight on their shoulders to do Tasmania proud. 

"We will really push the local produce," says Caz. "We can't wait to show Australia what Tassie's got." 

Food Philosophy

K.I.S.S (keep it simple, stupid) and don't overcomplicate things. 



In the Kitchen

Damo, while super messy, is good with meat, presentation and the finer details. 

Super clean Caz is amazing at seasoning and sauces. 

Caz is normally the more assertive one, but Damo's not shy to tell her to back off when he feels the need. 

They tend to bicker a little, because they both like to be right, and can get a little competitive. 

Overall, they don't take things too seriously and like to have fun. 

Home Cook Heroes

Damo: Definitely my mum, you can't beat your mum's cooking. Mine would always cook amazing homestyle meals.

Caz: My stepdad, Michael. He just gets flavours bang on every time. 

Signature Dish

Damo: Poached pears in a spiced red wine sauce with cinnamon ice cream. It's a spin on one of my favourite dishes that Mum used to make when I was little. 

Caz: Roast chicken and vegetables. This dish is special to me because I grew up eating a roast with my family every Sunday, and now I cook one for my family every Sunday.

I also make a yummy relish from tomoatoes grown in our garden.