Happily married Melbourne couple Court and Duncan, love cooking together.

They also love their fur baby Ted, an English staffy.

“I’m the king of protein,” says Duncan, a project manager.

“And I’m the salad ninja,” says Court, a designer.

Court was a vegetarian and a vegan for a lot of her life. Now she eats meat, but tries to do so responsibly.

Meanwhile, meat lover Duncan’s pride and joy is his offset smoker which he’s fondly named, Willie Nelson.

The creative couple, who are well known for their public displays of affection, say their friends might describe them as a little bit hipster.

“I grew a beard and wore a nine dollar flannel before it was cool, before it was hipster,” reveals Duncan.

“We were friends for a year, we hated each other for a year,” says Court.

“She hated me,” adds Duncan. “Then I put a ring on it.”

Food Philosophy

Ethical, sustainable, generous, delicious.



In the Kitchen

Duncan is the leader, a big picture person.

Court does the surrounding bits and bobs like prep, purees and salads.

They communicate well, support each other and back each other up.

Duncan is really good at keeping Court's spirits up.

Home Cook Heroes

Court: Maggie Beer.

Duncan: I don’t really have one.

Signature Dish

Court: I love to be the one who brings the huge bowl of delicious salad to the party.

Think lots of colour, toasted nuts, grilled asparagus, pomegranate etc.

Duncan: Smoked beef cheeks, cornbread and potato salad.

The time and attention involved in building and maintaining a fire, and the communal vibe that goes with it are pretty special.

It’s not worth firing up Willie Nelson unless there’s crew coming to eat all of it.