“Our food is pretty different to the normal style of food on My Kitchen Rules,” says Tyson, an Uber driver. “We like to challenge ourselves. And we’re here to win.”

“We didn’t grow up cooking,” adds Amy, who works in human resources. “Since moving out of home and having to cook for ourselves, I think a lot of what we've learnt is by experimentation, and trying to replicate things we've eaten out."

Tyson admits he's confident, verging on arrogant, with his palate and critiquing of food.

“We call Tyson the angry, angry man because he can get quite hot headed very quickly,” says Amy.

“Physically I swell up in the neck and some veins might pop in my forehead and I go red and really tense,” he reveals.

“We don’t suffer fools,” Amy confesses. “People say I’m really tough.” Or, as Tyson puts it bluntly, “You’re a bitch.”

Food Philosophy

Cook and eat food that has interesting ingredients, flavour and texture combinations.

It doesn't have to be crazy or fancy. It just has to be fun and delicious.



In the Kitchen

Amy is big picture; Tyson is more details-oriented.

Amy is generally quite bossy, a natural leader while Tyson is good at taking direction (and blocking her out when needed). But they can interchange roles to get the job done.

Home Cook Heroes

Amy: No one really.

Tyson: Anthony Bourdain. I like his story of progress through cooking industry and now into televisión. And I really enjoy his ideas on food.

Signature Dish

Amy: I don’t really have a signature dish – but I have cooked crumbed lamb brains a lot in the last year!

Tyson: I don’t really cook the same dish enough to become a signature. But a crowd pleaser I’ve done a couple of times is ribs.