Ambitious newlyweds Alyse and Matt are betting on backing a winner – themselves!

The married couple from Brisbane live with their dog, three cats and four chooks. 

They've been competing in fashions on the field for the last eight years.

“We’re used to copping judgement on fashions on the field,” says Alyse. “So we’re going to handle critique the best out of any of the teams.

We’re comfortable wearing that winner’s sash and being on the winner’s podium.”

Physiotherapist Matt describes his wife as very cutthroat and “a little bit bitchy”.

“I will definitely make my opinion clear on how I feel about someone’s outfit,” says Alyse, an electrical tender coordinator.

She describes Matt as a perfectionist, and gorgeous with “glorious muscles!”

“In our relationship we’re very competitive, and our competitive side carries over into the kitchen,” admits Alyse.

“We want to show we’re a triple threat. We can get the flavour, the technique and the presentation.”

“With our strengths we will win MKR,” adds Matt. “We are winners.”

“The word loser does not come into our vocabulary,” says Alyse. “We always aim to win and if you’re not there to win, I don’t know why you’re there in the

first place.”

Food Philosophy

Interpreting classic dishes in a modern way, whether that’s in flavour or presentation.

Fresh, healthy and great tasting… and maybe a little bit naughty when it comes to desserts.



In the Kitchen

Alyse is head chef and Matt, who is great with a knife, is her sous chef.

Alyse plans out their time in the kitchen, and Matt is good at tasting and tweaking as they go.

Matt likes a really strong, knock-yoursocks- off flavour, whereas Alyse likes something a little bit more subtle.

Matt is a procrastinator while Alyse is go go go.

Alyse stresses out whereas Matt remains calm.

Home Cook Heroes

Alyse: Rachel Khoo. I find it so amazing that she ran a little restaurant out of her tiny apartment in Paris.

I also love the way her food is so authentic but with her own little spin.

Matt: Gordon Ramsay.

Signature Dish

Alyse: My pavlova. The first time I tried making it was an absolute disaster! It wasn’t until I met Matt that he encouraged me to give it another go.

Now I can’t attend a get-together without someone requesting one of my many takes on the classic pav.

Matt: Anything with scallops or pork belly/ loin/leg roast.

I’m told I get them done perfectly and with the right oven, the crackle is awesome.