Brothers Albert and Dave from Sydney’s northwest are hoping to show everybody that Cantonese cuisine is the best.

“We’re originally from Hong Kong, but moved to Australia when I was three and Albert was 11,” says Dave.

“Our hope is to deliver authentic Cantonese cuisine.” “Otherwise, mum will not be happy,” warns Albert.

The boys were taught to cook by their mother, Cecilia, who is a popular cook and broadcaster in the Chinese community.

They believe that this will give them a “humongous” advantage in the competition.

“We really want to do our mum proud, because she’s supported us her whole life,” says single Dave, who is CEO of a successful online retail business.

“He’s much cooler than me, a real lady charmer,” reveals Albert, who is married and has recently welcomed his first child, a boy.

Dave fondly describes his Audit Manager brother as: “very nerdy. A typical Asian, the accountant, went to uni and did really well.”

Food Philosophy 

Never be afraid to be adventurous, try out different recipes and learn from different people.

Food should be exciting to eat and bring out smiles in everyone tasting it.



In the Kitchen

Dave is stronger in desserts, knife skills and prepping.

Albert takes the lead with entrees and mains, and is good with stir fry, marinating and making sauces.

They work well together. Dave is naturally assertive though. 

Home Cook Heroes 

Our Mum! 

Signature Dish

reminds me how much I love to cook as

Albert: Ginger and shallots mud crab. It reminds me of how much I love to cook, as it’s a lot of hard work. But it always pays off because it’s everyone’s favourite dish, and tastes delicious.

Dave: Glutinous rice with Chinese sausages and steamed egg. All my staff love it and when I ask them what they want for dinner.