Pat and Louisa during their final cook

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This year Group 2 earned some of the highest scores in the history of Instant Restaurants - but the bottom two teams still had to fight for their survival.

Mother-daughter duo Pat and Louisa, and defence force foodies Matt and Aly were shipped off to Elimination House. 

Colin was there to greet them, and help them along the way, and Group 1 returned to decide their fate. 

Matt and Aly were relaxed in the kitchen, presenting three courses of classic Aussie cuisine. 

Pat and Louisa had some setbacks though. They forgot to turn the oven on, so they had to improvise and cook their veal a different way. 

However, their downfall was their Chocolate Ricotta cake, which was labelled “inedible” by some of the guests at the table. 

Pat and Louisa’s score of 36 was no match for Matt and Aly’s 67

Clearly competent cooks, Pat and Louisa were victims of bad luck and silly mistakes. 

The bubbly mother and daughter were sad to be leaving so soon, but pleased with the experience all the same. 

Pat says they came on MKR to showcase their Italian and Hungarian heritage, and they feel like they did that justice.

“Big tick, top of the bucket list. YOLO.”