Roula and Rachael receiving their final critiques

 Roula and Rachael openly admit that they rubbed people up the wrong way in this year’s MKR competition. 

They made themselves some enemies at the table, they argued, and they questioned Colin’s authority. 

But when it came down to it – their food just wasn’t up to scratch. 

They were confident at this week’s High Tea challenge, but their chocolate mousse shots missed the mark. 

Their performance landed them in Elimination House, battling against Group 2’s Dan and Gemma

With their fellow Group 1 members backing them, their entrée went down a treat. But sadly, it went downhill from there. 

Their gnocchi sauce was inedible, and their dessert resembled a pot plant. 

The teams gave them a combined score of 94, which was no match for Dan and Gemma’s 135.  

Somewhat surprisingly, the girls accepted their failure with grace. 

 “I feel like we did pretty good, because it’s an emotional rollercoaster,” said Roula. 

“I’ve loved this journey #noregrets” said Rachael.