Sonya and Hadil rearing for a fight.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from My Kitchen Rules Australia. Stream the latest episodes right here.

It was the reality TV event that rocked Australia. A cooking competition, that turned into a vicious personal argument.

It was a rivalry that was bubbling beneath the surface, but in the latest episode it all boiled over. 

Sonya and Hadil were competitive cooks from early on in the competition. They were confident that they deserved to  be there, while suggesting others didn’t. 

Jess and Emma were quite outspoken with their opinions too, not afraid to be honest about other people’s cooking skills, or lack thereof. 

Both teams maintained a friendly rivalry throughout the early stages of the competition. But when it came down to the Final 8, that’s where the pleasantries ended. 

Jess and Emma were the first to cook in the Ultimate Instant Restaurant round, setting the bar for the final stage.

Sonya and Hadil were critical of their glitzy-themed "Princess Pantry" restaurant,  and Hadil made an ill-received toast when the teams came together around the table. “We’ve had our differences in the past, hopefully we don’t eat each other alive.”

Jess and Emma had a stressful night in the kitchen, and finished with a below-par score of 52.

Sonya and Hadil didn’t hide their distaste, and their vendetta against Jess and Emma only escalated from there. 

The following night, Hadil claimed that she could earn a 52 with her eyes closed, insinuating that Jess and Emma didn’t deserve to be still in the running. 

Jess warned Hadil that it was harder than she might expect, producing six dishes within a strict time limit. “I would hold my tongue darling, until YOU get in that kitchen.” 

Jess and Emma try to remain calm

From there, things turned nasty. Hadil refused to admit that she had any flaws, and began throwing out personal insults like “blowfish” (referring to Jess and Emma’s facial cosmetic surgery). 

Judges Pete and Manu demanded that the teams show some respect for one another. 

The following night at Kim and Suong's Instant Restaurant, Jess and Emma were determined to forget the encounter, but Sonya and Hadil came in looking for a fight. 

They snickered every time Jess and Emma spoke, and openly antagonised them. “Just keep laughing at them, then they’ll explode,” said Hadil. 

As Kim and Suong’s prep time came to an end, there was a ticking time bomb at the guest table. Finally unable to take any more ridicule, Jess left the room, Sonya and Hadil heckling as she retreated. 

Emma tried to stick up for her sister, but was met with a tirade of personal insults from Hadil, the worst of which being, “I know a doctor that could fix your ugly dace.” 

The other contestants at the table were absolutely horrified. Jazzey told Hadil to “stop being so nasty, it’s not necessary.” 

Pete and Manu are not impressed

Josh requested that they have some respect for Kim and Suong's home. But Hadil was all fired up and wouldn’t listen to anybody. 

Sonya proceeded to call them all “disrespectful assholes,” in a threatening manner. 

Finally Jess returned to the table, and Pete and Manu intervened. 

“Things have got out of hand,” Manu said. “This is a cooking competition, this behaviour is unacceptable. Sonya and Hadil, you are excused from the table.” 

Sonya and Hadil were defiant, but left the table without a fuss. It’s the first time a team has ever been asked to leave the competition. 

The mood at the table instantly became more relaxed and friendly, and a confused Kim and Suong were finally able to serve their entrées.

It’s unclear at this stage whether Sonya and Hadil will be given a second chance, or whether their absence will be a permanent one. 

My Kitchen Rules continues Monday-Wednesday at 7.30pm on TVNZ 2.