ELIMINATED - Matt and Aly

This week, good-natured military couple Matt and Aly gave their final salute. 

Matt and Aly both work for the Australian Defence Force, so they’re used to high-pressure situations. 

However, nothing could prepare them for the stress of MKR’s Elimination House. 

They went head to head with Italian brothers Josh and Nic, to fight for their place in the competition. 

Both teams served offal for entrée, but overcooked chicken livers saw Matt and Aly get off to a bad start. 

They were caught short in the second round, so their lamb rack was a little on the rare side. Then their fig and hazelnut cake was too dense for the judges’ palettes. 

Despite fiercely outspoken support from their fellow Group 2 teammates, Matt and Aly received a total score of 83.

Josh and Nic's traditional menu was the winner on the day, with a total score of 141.

Cool and collected throughout the whole competition, Matt and Aly were still smiling in the end. 

“I’ve been really proud of how we’ve worked,” said Aly. “Both with our cooking, and with all the pressure.” 

Matt said that they definitely stepped out of their comfort zone, and he’s so glad that they did. 

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