Stuss and Steve say goodbye.

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With the Instant Restaurants rounds done and dusted, it was time to turn up the heat. 

In the first half of the challenge, Kim and Suong represented Group 1 in a head to head battle against Georgie and Alicia

Georgie and Alicia came out on top, meaning that all of Group 1 had to fight for their survival. 

Round 2 had all seven teams race against the clock, to serve up their best international dishes. 

Sadly, Greek besties Stuss and Steve missed the mark with their dry chicken skewers.  

The stress of cooking under pressure clearly affected the boys, after their first attempt almost landed them in Elimination House. 

The father figures of the competition, it seems they couldn’t quite keep up with this year’s young, creative cooks. 

Stuss’s positivity saw them through until the end though. “It’s one of the best rides I’ve ever had,” he said. 

“We’ll miss your banter and your bad jokes,” said Manu.

Stuss still hopes to turn his corner store into a Greek café, we wish him all the best with his food dream!