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Pete & Manu introduce Elimination House.

This season, things were a little different.

At the end of the first Instant Restaurant Round, the bottom two teams were given a second chance. 

Shipped off to the beautifully daunting Elimination House, Stella & Jazzey and Ash & Matty had to cook for their lives. 

Past MKR judge Colin Fassnidge came along for the ride, this time as a mentor offering pointers in the kitchen. 

Both teams served up a three-course meal, and Group 2 were at the table to blindly critique the food. 

There were some harsh critics at the table, and at the end of the evening, Elimination House claimed its first victim. 

Waitresses Stella and Jazzey presented impressive and creative cuisine, scoring an impressive 103 points. 

Queensland’s Ash and Matty, with a total of 67, didn’t really stand a chance.

Ash and Matty were honest from the start, openly admitting that Matty couldn’t cook.

He was mostly there as a kitchen hand, supporting Ash and chopping the odd vegetable. 

Ash and Matty receiving the judges' criticism.

If it was a personality competition, they’d be in with a shot, but sadly their food didn’t pack enough punch. 

Ash & Matty’s Instant Restaurant menu was described as a little underwhelming, and despite their determination to step it up this time around, they couldn’t quite deliver. 

Still smiling as  they hung up their aprons, Ash described MKR as “the most amazing experience we could have asked for.

"And I wouldn’t have done it with anyone else, even though Matty can’t cook.” 

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