Alex and Emily in the 2018 MKR Grand Final

This year's Grand Final had cocktail couple, Alex and Emily, face off against Vietnamese mums, Kim and Suong, in a five-course fine-dining challenge. 

Donning their chef whites, both teams were excited at the chance to wow the crowds with their best dishes. 

They had to serve up a massive 100 plates apiece, for the judges, past contestants and their respective families. 

Emily, known for her emotional outbursts throughout the season, had a stressful time in the kitchen. However, Alex held it together and they managed to achieve a standard of food they could be proud of.

Alex and Emily produced a solid menu, showcasing their creative flair with dishes like lamb brains and tuna tartare

Their dessert, served over dry ice for a theatrical effect, was labelled a “showstopper.”

Suong on the other hand, had a nightmare night in the kitchen. She dropped quails all over the ground, and sent prawns flying when she shook the pan too hard. She then neglected their dessert, meaning they had to start again from scratch. 

However, there was only a three point margin between the two teams when it came to scoring. Alex and Emily secured the win over Kim and Suong with 55/60.

Alex and Emily dream of owning their own casual dining venue someday, and now they’re one step closer. They walk away with the coveted MKR title and $250,000. 


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