MKR: The Rivals

MKR: The Rivals

Five favourite teams go head-to-head with five new teams in the fiercest MKR competition yet!

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MKR: The Rivals
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    Season 11, Episode 1
    • Monday 18 May

    PG First to cook representing House Colin are mummy bloggers Jenni and Louise. As these queens hope their mum hacks are a hit, teams fire up and a plot twist stuns the table.

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      • Wednesday 1 Jul

      PG House Manu merges with House Colin and five teams become four in the last elimination before the finals. The pressure is on as teams fire up the barbie for some very special guests. But when it comes to scoring time, will there be foul play?

      • Tuesday 30 Jun

      PGL The allied powers have a plan for tonight's elimination, but they're not the only ones playing dirty. Who will survive the chop and who will get away with murder?

      • Monday 29 Jun

      PGL House Manu is out for revenge and rivalries get personal as House Colin tackles the fine dining restaurant takeover. Will the new recruits be their saviour or will the Fans fail?

      • Friday 26 Jun

      G House Manu tackle fine dining in a new round of restaurant takeovers. With tensions, tears, tantrums and one mighty bombshell, it'll be a night to remember for all the wrong reasons.

      • Thursday 25 Jun

      G Two teams battle it out in the elimination cook off, setting the kitchen on fire - literally! With the rival house alliance in full swing, whose MKR dream will end tonight?

      • Wednesday 24 Jun

      PG It's House Colin's turn to try and avoid elimination in a restaurant takeover. As one team pushes Colin to breaking point, will kitchen chaos spell disaster for the Fans?

      • Tuesday 23 Jun

      PG A new round of restaurant takeovers sees House Manu take on modern Australian cuisine. As the Faves try to deliver the wow factor, a jaw-dropping new alliance could change the course of the competition forever.

      • Monday 22 Jun

      M There are high expectations in the third elimination cook-off of the season. In a shock head-to-head, which team will be sent home?

      • Monday 22 Jun

      PG House Colin's underdogs are serving sophisticated pub classics and they're pulling out all the stops to make their mentor proud in his own kitchen. Can one team's secret weapon save the day?

      • Sunday 21 Jun

      PG A brand new round of restaurant takeovers sees House Manu serving flash pub grub at the iconic Imperial Hotel. As the Faves feel the heat, the Fans hatch a plan and rival judges lock horns.

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