My Kitchen Rules Australia

The competition in the kitchen is as fierce as ever! Pete and Manu continue the hunt for Aussie's hottest home cooks.

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    Season 10, Episode 1
    • Monday 15 Apr

    PG New Season: The competition in the kitchen is as fierce as ever! Pete and Manu continue the hunt for Aussie's hottest home cooks.

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      • Sunday 21 Jul

      G Expectations are high for Hall of Famers Lisa and John. As the history-making duo strive to recreate perfection in the kitchen, Victor lays it all out at the table - exposing his lover's lies.

      • Tuesday 16 Jul

      PG Victor and G want to transform bad vibes into good energy. But as the barmen try to escape trouble in the kitchen, evidence at the table stacks up leaving Piper's heart in tatters.

      • Monday 15 Jul

      PG Pat and Bianca hope their menu can bring a fractured table together. But where there's smoke there's fire and the truth-seekers won't stop until they strike gold!

      • Sunday 14 Jul

      PG The year's most explosive dinner party is here! We're back at Josh and Austin's bunker where they pray they'll redeem themselves. As three guests storm off, the biggest bombshell is at the table.

      • Tuesday 9 Jul

      PG Opening batsmen Matt and Luke want to show how much they've grown as cooks. As they work on getting runs on the board, the table is on a knife-edge with teams caught out in a web of lies.

      • Monday 8 Jul

      PG What happens tonight sets off a chain reaction that will blow up the table! A fierce battle rages at the MKR Restaurant with the final Top 8 position on the line. Whose MKR dream will end tonight?

      • Sunday 7 Jul

      M Today's challenge is one dramatic, movable feast where each team is fighting to steer clear of elimination. Who will rise and whose hopes will go up in flames?

      • Tuesday 2 Jul

      G Teams crack cans at a craft brewery where cooking with beer is the order of the day. As some say cheers, others shed tears with the threat of going to elimination a sobering reality.

      • Monday 1 Jul

      PG Teams go all out in a reward challenge with the prize of a lifetime - their winning biscuit creation produced and sold around Australia. Which team will be sweet as, and whose cookies will crumble?

      • Sunday 30 Jun

      PG The two teams with the lowest Open House score face off at the MKR Restaurant. It's panic stations all round as they fight to keep their MKR dream alive.

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