My Brilliant Friend

A breathtaking adaptation of Elena Ferrante's novels which chart the volatile friendship of Elena Greco and her lifelong best friend Lila as they grow up in a poor neighbourhood in post-war Naples. Neapolitan Italian with English subtitles.

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    M We are in Naples in the 1950s. Elena and Lila, two very different little girls, get to know one another by playing together. And one afternoon, as they play, a friendship destined to last an entire lifetime is born.

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      16C WARNING: This programme deals with the issue of rape. | Lila goes on her honeymoon in Amalfi, while Elena begins attending classical high school.

      16C The bridal shop in the centre of town displays a photo of Lila on her wedding day, generating admiration and gossip around the neighbourhood.

      16C Lila starts working in Stefano's new grocery store, but she hasn't stopped bearing a grudge against him - especially now that the business activities linked to his partnership with the Solaras are about to take off.

      16C Elena agrees to taking a beach holiday with Lila, provided they go to Ischia. She knows Nino Sarratore will also be on the island.

      16C Pinuccia leaves Ischia to go back to Rino and the group of five becomes of four. There's now a rift between Lila and Elena - one that goes by the name of Nino.

      16C The relationship between Elena and Lila becomes considerably colder. Elena plunges headfirst into studying for her finals, whilst Lila is having to tackle problems of an entirely different nature.

      16C University life in Pisa has deeply changed Elena. Back in Naples for the Easter holidays, she discovers that just as many changes have affected the neighbourhood, and with it Lila's life.

      16C Season Finale: Close to graduating, Elena is seized by a creative impulse that gives birth to her first novel.