Murphy Brown and her team

12 – Years Murphy had been on FYI when the show first premiered.

5 – Times Candice Bergen won Best Actress in a Comedy at the Emmys.

2017 – The year Veep actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus beat Candice Bergen’s record of winning 5 Emmys for a single role. 

8 – The date in November 2016 that the reboot opens on. It’s the day of the presidential election.

13 – Episodes in the new series.

1991 – The year Aretha Franklin guest starred on the show, singing a duet with Murphy.

9 – The age Haley Joel Osment was when he played Murphy’s son Avery.

10 – Seasons the original series ran for.

3 – Episodes that actor Charles Kimbrough will reprise his character of Jim Dial in the revival.

2008 – The year a Murphy Brown revival was first considered. It was the year Sarah Palin was running for Vice President.

14 – The day in November 1988 that the first episode aired.

4 – Creator Diane English’s final season. She left and then came back for season 10 and now the revival.

18 – Emmys that the comedy won in total.

72 – the age of the show’s star Candice Bergen and newcomer Tyne Daly, who plays Phil’s sister Phyllis.

20 – Years since the show wrapped up its original series.

1,000,000 – the amount of money Murphy’s house-painter Eldin once sold one of his artworks for.

30 – The percentage increase of American women getting mammograms after Murphy Brown was diagnosed with breast cancer.

6 – Original writers came back for the reboot

42 – The age Murphy Brown realised she was pregnant in the original series and decided to keep the baby.

62 – Total Emmy nominations the series received.

2 – Days it took for the revival script to be approved by former CBS chief executive Les Moonves.

25 – Murphy Brown’s Ranking in TV Guide Network’s special of Greatest TV Characters of All Time.

93 – Secretaries Murphy Brown went through in 10 years. Her last secretary was played by Bette Midler.

Murphy Brown premieres Friday 28 September, the same day as the U.S. on TVNZ OnDemand