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Murder Calls

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      • Sunday 4 Jun

      AO Series Final: A man whose hatred for his victim had reached boiling point concocts a near-perfect plan of murderous revenge.

      • Sunday 28 May

      AO Real estate mogul Peter Shellard was found dead in his Melbourne mansion in what appeared to be a bondage session gone wrong. But a phone call to police points to someone who had motive to murder.

      • Sunday 21 May

      AO This week Murder Calls Australia explores the 1993 murder of Gabriel 'Gabe' Meyer, one of Far North Queensland's most cold-blooded cases.

      • Sunday 14 May

      AO Stephen Dempsey and Ezzedine Bahmad: Tonight, Murder Calls explores one of Sydney's most gruesome double murders and one which rocked the Northern Beaches community in late 1994.

      • Sunday 7 May

      AO The brutal murder of young Australian woman Kelly Hodge made headlines. Now, for the first time, hear the phonecall from the grave that cracked the case.

      • Sunday 30 Apr

      AO New Series: Never-before-seen or heard insight into the minds of the murderers through crucial phone calls that finally cracked the case. Tonight, the murder of multi-millionaire Herman Rockefeller.