Mr Pickles

Mr Pickles

In the small, old-fashioned world of Old Town, the Goodman family's seemingly lovable border collie Mr Pickles has a mean streak, frequently wandering off to kill, mutilate and hump his deserving victims.

Mr Pickles
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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Tommy's Big Job

    16VSC Tommy falls for a young farmer girl, but she's not interested in a man without a job.

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      • Brain Download

      16VSC Grandpa found his dead wife alive with Mr. Pickles. Now, Mr. Pickles' dark secrets are in jeopardy.

      • Momma's Boy

      16VSC When Mr. Bojenkins finds out that Sheriff is a momma's boy, he decides to teach Sheriff how to be a man.

      • S.H.O.E.S.

      16VSC Tommy tries to protect a strange new friend from a military group that is out to capture him.

      • Telemarketers Are the Devil

      16VSC Mr.Goodman and his co-workers are kidnapped from Telemarketing Corp.

      • Gorzoth

      16VSC When Linda goes on a shopping spree, she winds up on the run from a zombie-like mob of homeless people who want her money.

      • Tommy Goes to School

      16VSC On Tommy's first day of school, he must climb the social pyramid to get the girl he likes.

      • Sheriffs

      16VSC Sheriff guest stars on a crime fighting reality show.

      • Bullies

      16VSC When Mrs. Goodman confronts the parents of Tommy’s bullies, they dump their out-of-control kids with her for the day.

      • Tommy's Cartoon

      16VSC Tommy sets out to make his own cartoon show but finds it harder than he thought.

      • Season 3 Finale

      16VSC Grandpa's path to moving out and starting a new life away from Mr. Pickles leads him down dangerous roads.