Morena! Join Kara Rickard and Clint Roberts as they bring you the very latest in lifestyle from a Maori perspective.

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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Monday 26 Sep 2016

    G We check out a celebrity's backyard, Chef Monique Fiso is back from New York with delicious and simple breakfast recipes and Tama Waipara tells us who's hot on the NZ music scene.

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      • Monday 9 Oct 2017

      G New Season. Today on Morena: on Mexican Monday Faine makes Quesadillas, Tammy takes Hilary Barry for the ride of her life, Neuroscientist Nathan Mikaere Wallis explains howour memory works, Tiare takes fitness boot camp and Tama Waipara shares his favorite new music.

      • Tuesday 10 Oct 2017

      G Today on Morena: we talk to artist Lisa Reihana at the Venice Biennale, Travel consultant Bayley shares tips about Cruises, Raniera hits the ancestry trail, Clint investigates comic collecting and Kara previews upcoming movies.

      • Wednesday 11 Oct 2017

      G Today on Morena we find out about Pop Up weddings, Miria tries teeth whitening, Dan brings his picks of watch to watch on the box, we visit Ohaki for Marae 101 with Patara and Kara catches up with Kiwi electro-pop artist Theia.

      • Thursday 12 Oct 2017

      G Today on Morena: Kara catches up with Designer and Fashionista Adrienne Whitewood, Kani waxes on with beauty treatments for blokes, Legal expert Phil Winiata lays down the law on car accidents, and Tammy brings us the best of NZ films.

      • Friday 13 Oct 2017

      G Today on Morena: we meet Entreprenuer Robett Hollis, for Flash food Friday Chef James Miller makes Thai larb, Heidi talks about the Paemanau exhibition, we visit Hot water beach and Kara calls in on Wine Guy Daniel Kemp to find out how to taste wine like an expert .

      • Monday 16 Oct 2017

      G Today on Morena: On Mexican Monday Faine makes sala; Tammy tricks Pax Assadi into riding in his paru waka; Neuroscientist Nathan discusses the impacts of social media; we have a fitness bootcamp with Tiare Tawera; and Tama Waipara reviews music by Ria Hall and A Tribe Called Red.

      • Tuesday 17 Oct 2017

      PGR Today on Mōrena, we talk to Ngāi Tahu artist Fiona Pardington, Travel consultant Bayley shares tips about Cruises, Raniera explains whakapapa, and Miria tries out cat Yoga.

      • Wednesday 18 Oct 2017

      G Today on Morena, we continue our wedding planning as Kara check out wedding dresses, Miria gets an eyelash lift, Dan has TV reviews, and we revisit Ohaki for Marae 101 with Patara.

      • Thursday 19 Oct 2017

      G Today on Morena, Kara gets a sneek peek at next seasons fashions at Public Library , in Beauty for Blokes Greg gets botox, and Lawyer Phil Winiata explains legal aid.

      • Friday 20 Oct 2017

      G Today on Morena, we meet Entreprenuer Caped Crusader Natasha Guttenbeill, and mouth watering Mussell Sliders from Chef James Miller.

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