In the final season, Bonnie must learn to adjust without her daughter Christy around, depending on the support of her friends to stay sober in the face of whatever life throws at them. Starring Allison Janney.

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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Pilot

    PGC Christy, a newly sober single mother, is trying to get her life together, but is challenged when her estranged mother, Bonnie, comes back into the picture.

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      • Sex Bucket and the Grammar Police

      PGC When Bonnie invites the ladies to a slumber party, childhood games reveal adult problems.

      • Smitten Kitten and a Tiny Boo-Boo Error

      PG Bonnie and Adam regret spending their first wedding anniversary with Marjorie and her new beau, Gary.

      • Tang and a Safe Space for Everybody

      M Bonnie takes a trip down memory lane when she reconnects with an old flame, while Tammy volunteers to remodel the kitchen so that it's more accessible to Adam.

      • Astronauts and Fat Trimmings

      PGL Bonnie and Adam offer relationship advice when they sense tension between Jill and Andy.

      • Sober Wizard and a Woodshop Workshop

      PG Bonnie is concerned about Adam's safety when he decides to go skiing for the first time since his accident. Meanwhile, Tammy worries that Jill is sending the wrong message to the young girls they're mentoring.

      • Woo-Woo Lights and an Onside Kick

      PGC Bonnie and the ladies indulge Jill when she goes to extremes to get her relationship with Andy back on track.

      • S'Mores and a Sadness Cocoon

      PG Bonnie is upset when Adam makes a big-ticket purchase without consulting her. Meanwhile, Jill has an unexpected reaction when her dentist retires.

      • Bloody Stumps and a Chemical Smell

      PGL When Bonnie can't decide what to do with the spare bedroom, bigger issues are uncovered. Meanwhile, Tammy attempts to create boundaries with Marjorie.

      • Whip-Its and Emotionally Attuned Babies

      PGC Bonnie has success creating a line of mocktails for Adam's bar. Meanwhile, Jill finds herself attracted to Bonnie's therapist, Trevor.

      • Illegal Eels and the Cantaloupe Man

      PGLC Bonnie and Adam's romantic dinner is interrupted as the other ladies struggle with love on Valentine's Day. Also, Wendy's new relationship becomes the talk of the group.

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