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After years of questionable choices, Christy, a single mom, is sober and trying to get her life on track. It's challenging especially because she lives with her mother, Bonnie! From the creator of The Big Bang Theory.

New season premieres Friday 27 September. Same day as the U.S.

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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Sunday 1 Oct 2017

    PGR Christy, a newly sober single mother, is trying to get her life together, but is challenged when her estranged mother, Bonnie, comes back into the picture.

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      • Friday 28 Sep 2018

      M Bonnie is plagued by an upsetting dream and Christy has second thoughts about law school after a tough first day.

      • Friday 5 Oct 2018

      M Christy decides she doesn't need Gamblers Anonymous anymore, but Bonnie vehemently disagrees.

      • Friday 12 Oct 2018

      M Christy's demanding law professor leans on her a little too hard for support; and Bonnie's plan to trick Adam into choosing a wedding venue backfires.

      • Friday 19 Oct 2018

      M Christy is certain that Bonnie is in over her head when she invites a freshly paroled Tammy to stay with them.

      • Friday 26 Oct 2018

      M When Marjorie's husband passes away, the ladies accompany her on a trip to memorialise him.

      • Friday 2 Nov 2018

      M Christy and Jill clash over a gambling debt, and Bonnie's new habit troubles Adam.

      • Friday 9 Nov 2018

      M Christy and Wendy help Jill clean out her closet, which turns out to be a bigger job than expected. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Tammy take up a new hobby.

      • Friday 16 Nov 2018

      M Bonnie pushes Christy to mend her relationship with Violet while Adam prepares for the grand opening of his bar.

      • Friday 30 Nov 2018

      M Christy competes with her classmate for a prestigious internship, and Bonnie babysits Tammy following her oral surgery.

      • Friday 7 Dec 2018

      M Bonnie and the ladies help Tammy prepare for her first date since getting out of prison. Also, Christy revisits one of her old vices in order to take the edge off.

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