After years of questionable choices, Christy, a single mom, is sober and trying to get her life on track. It's challenging especially because she lives with her mother, Bonnie! From the creator of The Big Bang Theory.

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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Sunday 1 Oct 2017

    PGR Christy, a newly sober single mother, is trying to get her life together, but is challenged when her estranged mother, Bonnie, comes back into the picture.

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      • Friday 27 Sep 2019

      PG Christy makes some questionable changes at the bar while Bonnie and Adam are away.

      • Friday 4 Oct 2019

      PG Christy and Adam clash over an incident at the bar, leaving Bonnie in a precarious situation.

      • Friday 11 Oct 2019

      PG Christy is asked to perform questionable tasks for her demanding new boss. Meanwhile, Bonnie has second thoughts about taking Adam's last name.

      • Friday 18 Oct 2019

      PG Christy escorts a reluctant Chef Rudy to court-ordered AA meetings. Meanwhile, Bonnie tries to make Adam feel more at home in the apartment.

      • Friday 25 Oct 2019

      PG After the sudden death of a friend, Christy and Bonnie look for ways to honour her memory.

      • Friday 8 Nov 2019

      PG Christy tries to embrace positivity after having a meltdown. Meanwhile, Bonnie gets a glimpse of what Adam was like before his accident.

      • Friday 15 Nov 2019

      PG Bonnie and Adam go on a double date with Jill and Andy. Tammy recruits Christy to mediate a sensitive situation with Marjorie.

      • Friday 22 Nov 2019

      PG Christy regrets fleeing the scene after hitting a parked car. Meanwhile, Bonnie's therapist offers some tools to help her better communicate with Adam.

      • Friday 6 Dec 2019

      PG Christy and the ladies rally around Tammy when she has trouble adjusting to early release from parole.

      • Friday 13 Dec 2019

      PG Bonnie is forced to relive painful Christmas memories when Christy recounts tales from her childhood to Patty.

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