Mind Over Money with Nigel Latta

Nigel Latta returns to our screens to look at the psychology of money. Made with the support of Kiwibank.

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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Monday 13 Feb 2017

    G Nigel Latta looks at why money makes us weird.

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      • Monday 23 Apr 2018

      G Nigel Latta is back, and this time around it's personal. Do we each have a distinct Money Personality - and how does that help or hinder our financial lives?

      • Monday 30 Apr 2018

      G In this episode, Nigel unpicks the complicated politics of money and love. He investigates why Saving is Sexy and unravels the three major causes of financial strife in a relationship.

      • Monday 7 May 2018

      G Does our Money Personality change as we get older? Nigel plays a game of Monopoly where the odds are stacked according to the average assets for your age.

      • Monday 14 May 2018

      G A look at the science of spending. Does the very act of handling money make you feel brave and impulsive? And what does the way you eat your fish and chips say about your ability to save money?

      • Monday 21 May 2018

      G In this episode, we play Nigel's Money Making Game, where we discover why Kiwis are reluctant to invest and reveal our risk profile through an egg and spoon race.

      • Monday 28 May 2018

      G Nigel looks at each of the Money Personalities and explores how they can get the balance of life right which could turn out in the end to make us... happy.