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Mind Over Money with Nigel Latta Episodes

    • Series 2017, Episode 1

    G Nigel Latta looks at the psychology of money in this brand new series. Tonight, Nigel looks at why money makes us weird.

    • Series 2017, Episode 2

    G They say that money can't buy you happiness, but is that true? Tonight, Nigel talks with some recent millionaires and meets a family who seem to have cracked the code for buying happiness.

    • Series 2017, Episode 3

    G Why do we spend money we don't have? In this episode Nigel reveals how our cave brains can lead us into poor decisions and some simple ways to overcome that.

    • Series 2017, Episode 4

    G Our brains have a surprising response to saving, and in this episode Nigel Latta sets out to find out why we don't like saving, and how we can get better at it.

    • Series 2017, Episode 5

    G How do you help kids be better with money? Nigel discovers all kind of surprising things about how we should talk to our kids about money. It turns out there are some tricks and traps.

    • Series 2017, Episode 6

    G Series Final: In the final episode we look at the big picture: Can you live happily ever after? How can you get your mind over your money to get to the happy ending?