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  • Megafactories Episodes

    Season 2

      • Series 2, Episode 20
      • 11 days left to view

      G Season Final: Despite its 600-horsepower engine and gigantic price tag, the Dodge Viper is entirely hand-built. Meet the craftspeople behind its creation.

      • Series 2, Episode 19
      • 10 days left to view

      G Constructed in two state-of-the-art factories, the modern version of this all-American classic combines slick curves with pure power.

      • Series 2, Episode 18
      • 9 days left to view

      G A visit to the huge Frito Lay facility, where they get through a million pounds of potatoes a day to make crisps in preparation for 4th July.

      • Series 2, Episode 17
      • 8 days left to view

      G Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from GM's Pre Production Operations factory reveals the secrets behind the electric Chevy Volt.

      • Series 2, Episode 16
      • 7 days left to view

      G This isn't just a megafactory, it's a village. The Technogym HQ in Cesena, Italy boasts a convention hall, library, spa and restaurant and of course, a world-class fitness centre.

      • Series 2, Episode 15
      • 4 days left to view

      G Follow the hand-crafted production of a car masterpiece, with exclusive access to the Aston Martin factory...

      • Series 2, Episode 14
      • 3 days left to view

      G Follow the cycle of the famous bourbon from cornfield to bottling plant, all taking place in the tiny town of Lynchburg, Tennessee.

      • Series 2, Episode 13

      G The world's most popular soft drink is produced in just 30 places around the globe. Go back to where it all began and see how Coke designs new drinks and recycles glass to make its signature bottle.

      • Series 2, Episode 12
      • 1 day left to view

      G Taking an average of 450 hours to build, with contributions from artisans, engineers and painters, find out how the Rolls-Royce Phantom is made.

      • Series 2, Episode 11

      G Built in Germany, the Porsche 911 is one of the world's most iconic cars - and has 14 variations to suit any driver's taste.

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