The cast of McLeod's Daughters, Season 1

We all wanted to escape to the farm and get a taste of that dusty outback air. Nothing much has changed, the notion is still just as romantic. 

So before you settle in with a cold one to relive all that back-country drama, we’re here to remind you what made us fall in love in the first place. 

The premise.
Long-lost sisters, city and country collide - they’re stories that have been told a thousand times. But combined with the unique location and the colourful characters, McLeod’s was fresh and unpredictable. 

The fashion.
Look out for some early-naughties gems, but mostly it’s just the classic, timeless farm chic. Nobody pulls off a cowboy hat better than Claire, and Jodi makes even an oilskin look cute. 

The relationships.
Tess and Claire are polar opposites from different backgrounds. We enjoy the fireworks as they disagree on almost every possible thing, but it’s also nice to watch the tentative sisterly bond emerging. Then there’s the always-relatable, concerned mother and rebellious teenager dynamic between Meg and Jodi, and the competitive brotherly love of Nick and Alex. And we haven’t even started on the neighbourly community and the long-list of potential love interests…

The wistful, idealistic appearance.
The show uses slow motion and freeze frame in emotionally-charged situations. There’s the beautiful sweeping landscape shots, and that fuzzy glow that appears around the characters sometimes. You’ll see what we mean, it all feels oddly nostalgic and comforting. 

The Aussie slang.
Put it away will ya? You might feel like you need subtitles at first, but you’ll get used to it. She’ll be right. 

The introductory education to farming.
We know it’s a relationship drama and not a documentary, but the farming side of it is actually interesting, if you’re into that. A new process is usually introduced each episode, be it a trip to the stock yards, a lesson in sheep shearing, or the demands of calving season. 

The vague but appropriate theme song.
"It will take some time to find your heart, and come back home.
You could walk for miles, cross every river and find you’re not alone.
‘Coz I’ll be there. Woah oh oh ohhhhhhh. Oh ohhhh oh oh."

The badass girl power vibe.
A group of kickass women running a business together, in a male-dominated industry. They work hard with no complaints, they’re not afraid to get their hands dirty, and they don’t take crap from anyone. It’s empowering. 

You can watch all eight seasons of McLeod’s Daughters from Saturday 1 September on TVNZ OnDemand.