The McLeod's Daughters cast, Season 4

1. Drover’s Run, including the 150-year-old farmhouse estate, is a real place. It’s called Kingsford, and it was a working farm until the show’s production company bought it in 1999. 

2. The original farm staff were kept on, to wrangle the stock during filming, act as stunt doubles, and teach farming techniques to the cast. 

3. Gungellan, however, is a fictional town, modelled off the small community of Freeling, near Adelaide. 

4. Aaron Jeffrey (Alex) appeared in 202 episodes, more than any other member of the cast. 

5. Lisa Chappell (Claire) left the show to pursue a career in singing. She released her first album, When Then Is Now,  in 2006. Now you might recognise her as the voice of those Pinnacle Life insurance adverts.

6. Marshall Napier, who played Harry, and Jessica Napier, who played Becky, are actually father and daughter in real life. 

7. Show creator Posie Graeme Evans got her inspiration from an R.M. Williams ad. 

8. There was a telemovie called McLeod’s Daughters in 1996, which was originally meant to be a pilot for the series. However, the show creators took the concept in a slightly different direction, and the show debuted five years later. 

9.McLeod’s Daughters is the first and only prime time series to be filmed entirely in South Australia. 

10. It was also the first Aussie TV series to be filmed and delivered in HD. 

11. Aaron Jeffrey (Alex) and co-star Zoe Naylor (Regan) started dating in 2010, now they have two children together. 

12. Simomone Jade MacKinnon (Stevie) left acting behind. The self-confessed gypsy lives off the grid and has a travel blog called The Wandering Ozzie

13. The theme song, I’ll Be There, was written and performed by Australian singer Rebecca Lavelle. Several of Lavelle’s other songs appear in the soundtrack too. 

14. Myles Pollard (Nick) and Brett Tucker (Dave) had starring roles alongside fellow Aussie heartthrobs – Pollard in X-Men Origins: Wolverine with Hugh Jackman, and Tucker opposite Chris Hemsworth in Thor: The Dark World.