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Claire, nine months pregnant on the farm

1. The birth of baby McLeod (Season 3) 

In true McLeod’s Daughters fashion, Claire’s daughter Charlotte was born in one of the farm’s back paddocks. 

Claire went into labour, and there was no time to make it to the hospital, so she gave birth in a shed full of hay, with Tess and Alex beside her.

Alex pretended to be Charlotte’s father, to protect Claire from scandal and the wrath of her ex-boyfriend.  

2. Claire’s death (Season 3) 

In season 3, it was announced that Lisa Chappell (Claire) would be leaving the show. 

On a business trip to Melbourne, Claire and Alex finally admitted their feelings for each other. 

Claire's final moments

On the way back though, the sisters were involved in a car accident.

They swerved off the road to avoid a horse, leaving the ute teetering on the edge of a cliff.

Tess got out and rescued baby Charlotte, but Claire was trapped behind the steering wheel. 

In the most heart-wrenching scene of the series, the ute tipped over the edge, and Claire was killed on impact in the valley below. She left her daughter, and a distraught Alex and Tess behind. 

“It was so sad,” Chappell recalls. “I knew I was saying goodbye to a wonderful family of people, and I was also saying goodbye to Claire.” 

3. Tess and Nick’s wedding (Season 4) 

On a much happier note, the McLeod and Ryan clans were united when Tess and Nick tied the knot. 

There were some hiccups on the day (it wouldn’t be a TV wedding otherwise), with an infestation of fire ants and the return of Nick’s dishonourable mother. 

Claire's absence was at the front of everybody's mind, but nothing could spoil it for the happy couple. 

Nick and Tess on their wedding day

4. Nick’s disappearance (Season 5) 

Nick was thought to have perished in a plane crash in Argentina. 

The same day Tess learned of his death, she also discovered she was pregnant. 

The McLeod clan did their best to support her, until it was revealed in the next season that Nick was actually alive! 

He was kidnapped, and although he was finally able to return to Australia, Nick was haunted by flashbacks of his ordeal. 


Alex and Stevie on their wedding day

5. Stevie marries Alex (Season 7)

Bonding over the loss of Claire, childhood friends Alex and Stevie eventually realised they could be happy together. 

After years of denial, they admitted their feelings for one another, strengthening the union between the neighbouring farms even more.

On their wedding day Alex found himself unjustly in jail, and Stevie had to take charge to set him free. 


Jodi and Matt wave goodbye


6. Jodi’s departure (Season 7) 

Trouble always seemed to follow the bubbly and naïve Jodi. 

She was presumed dead, when she got in with the wrong crowd and someone set off a bomb in her car. 

In the next episode, we learned that it was all a ploy, and she’d faked her death so she could go into witness protection with her boyfriend, Matt. 

As the farm mourned Jodi’s apparent death, she sailed away to live happily ever after (but not before making one last stop at Drover's to say goodbye). 

7. Alex’s death (Season 8) 

After working with his brother in Argentina, Alex returned home to a pregnant Stevie. 

Taking a detour in gale force winds, Alex was crushed when a large tree branch fell on top of him. 

A shocked Stevie was beside him in his final moments, and she gave birth to their son shortly after. She named him Alexander for the father he'd never meet.

The McLeod clan in the series finale

8. The finale (Season 8) 

We’ll try not to spoil the ending too much, but the last day on Drover’s Run was a bittersweet one. 

Stevie pulled out all the stops to save the farm from financial ruin, as everything came full circle.

What was left of the Mcleods all came together to celebrate Alexander’s first birthday. 

It was a sad day, bidding farewell to the farm where we felt we belonged, and the people we’d learned to love like family. 

The good news is, we can now relive the whole thing. Stream all eight seasons of McLeod’s Daughters right here from Saturday 1 September.