Alex (Aaron Jeffrey) and Claire (Lisa Chappell)

Here are some of our favouritie relationships from the series.


As far as dramatic romances go, Claire and Alex take the cake. 

Living on neighbouring farms, they grew up together, but insisted they were nothing more than friends. 

Claire especially, was always in denial, often a little confused by her feelings for Alex. 

In Season 3, they finally admitted it, and gave in to their mutual attraction. 

When Claire fell pregnant, she convinced Alex the baby was his. Even after Charlotte was born, and it became clear that Alex wasn’t her father, he still swore to love and protect them both. 

When they were in Melbourne together on a business trip, Alex told Claire he’d loved her since the day he met her. 

They got their happily ever after, only to have it cruelly snatched away when Claire was killed in a tragic car accident. 

Tess (Bridie Carter) and Nick (Myles Pollard)


When Tess first arrived at Drover’s Run, all the local boys fought over her.

But Nick won out in the end. 

They got married in Season 4, finally uniting the McLeod and Ryan clans – something both their fathers had long been hoping for.

Tess and Nick were blissfully happy at first, but the road wasn’t easy after their nuptials. 

In Season 5, Nick disappeared and was presumed dead, following a plane crash in South America. Tess was left distraught, pregnant and alone back in Australia. 

Thankfully, he showed up later, distressed by his ordeal but very much alive, and the pair were free to continue their lives together. 

Jodi (Rachael Carpani) and Matt (Rob Shelton)


Ever since she was a little girl growing up on Drover's Run, Jodi always wanted a storybook romance.

After a few failed attempts, she finally found her Prince Charming, in the form of the quietly charming Matt.

There was always something a little mysterious about Matt though, and Jodi almost lost her life when his past came knocking. But that didn’t put her off.

In Season 7, Jodi was presumed dead and Drover’s went into mourning. However it was revealed shortly after that she’d faked her death, so her and Matt could go into witness protection together.

Driving off into the sunset, Jodi finally got her happy ending. 

Meg (Sonia Todd) and Terry (John Jarratt)


Meg and Terry’s affiliation was a casual one at first.

They had plenty of laughs and kept each other warm on those lonely country nights.

Not wanting to upset Jodi, they tried to keep things under wraps, but eventually it all came out. Jodi was a little grossed out, but eventually admitted that she wanted her mum to be happy. 

Their relationship may have been circumstantial, but it was genuine all the same.

Terry’s affection was clear, and he always popped up at the right time, when Meg was in need of a hero, or a cuddle. 

In Season 6, they tied the knot in a cheerful, low-key ceremony, attended by all the locals.   

Becky (Jessica Napier) and Brick (Fletcher Humphrys)


Local nice guy Brick didn’t mind Becky’s troubled past, or her unfavourable reputation. 

He always stuck up for her, but kept his distance, waiting patiently until she was ready for a relationship.  

Eventually Brick broke through Becky’s tough exterior, and their tentative romance blossomed.

Becky still found it difficult to commit though, and her own self-loathing caused her to treat Brick badly.  But nothing Becky did could drive Brick away. 

In Season 2, Brick disappeared without a trace. His whereabouts came to Becky in a dream, and she found his body on the riverbank with an engagement ring in his pocket. 

Kate (Michala Banas) and Dave (Brett Tucker)


Dave - the goofy, happy-go-lucky vet - wasn’t fussy about who he flirted with at first.

In fact, he was engaged to marry Tess, but she realised soon enough that Dave wasn’t he man for her.

Headstrong farmhand Kate loved Dave from afar, even though she refused to acknowledge her feelings most of the time.

Dave was about to move to Africa, when he finally realised that he loved Kate, and the pair moved away to start a life together. 

Alex (Aaron Jeffrey) and Stevie (Simmone Jade Mackinnon)


It seemed that Alex would never find love again after losing Claire, but it was her childhood friend, Stevie, who gave him hope again. 

Bonding over their shared memories of Claire, Alex and Stevie developed feelings for each other - but in true McLeod’s Daughters fashion, they didn't embrace them at first.  

There was a collective sigh of relief on the farm when they finally got together. 

In an epic romantic gesture, Alex whisked Stevie away in his helicopter, touching down in a field of wildflowers. There he told her that he never wanted them to be apart. 

They got married in Season 7, despite Alex finding himself in jail on the morning of their wedding. 

However, just like his first love, Alex met a tragic end. Crushed beneath a fallen branch, he died moments before Stevie gave birth to his son. 

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