with Soy Caramelised Peanuts and Blackberries

Serves 6


Black Sesame and Ginger Cremeux

125ml cream

1 tbsp black sesame powder

2 tsp ginger powder

7g ginger root, grated

2 egg yolks

1 egg

45g caster sugar

3.5g Gelatine sheets, softened in cold water

50g unsalted butter


Ginger Syrup and Candied Ginger

1/3 cup Sugar

¾ cup water

Pinch salt

15g ginger root, peeled and sliced into very fine julienne


Soy Sauce Peanut Praline

100g peanuts, lightly toasted

1 tablespoons soy sauce

1 tablespoons caster sugar

15g butter, melted

2 teaspoons black sesame paste


6 fresh blackberries, halved, to serve

  1. For the Black Sesame and Ginger Cremeux, in a saucepan on medium heat, bring the cream, sesame powder, ginger powder, grated ginger to almost a simmer.  Remove from heat. 
  2. Meanwhile, place egg yolks, egg and sugar in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with a whisk attachment and whisk until pale and fluffy.
  3. Add hot cream and milk mixture to temper the egg mixture, whisking constantly. Pour the tempered egg mixture into the remaining cream mixture and return saucepan and place on low heat.  Stir until thickened and the mixture can coat the back of a spoon.
  4. Remove from heat, add the drained and squeezed gelatine and use a stick blender to thoroughly incorporate. Add the butter, little by little, with the stick blender.
  5. Pour the cremeux base through a sieve into a 19cm x 9cm tray lined with cling film. Place into freezer for approximately 30 minutes until set.  Slice in 6 rectangles to serve.
  6. For the Ginger Syrup and Candied Ginger, combine sugar with ¾ cup water and salt in saucepan and bring to a simmer. Whisk to dissolve sugar.
  7. Add the ginger to the syrup and remove from heat. Allow to cool.
  8. For the Soy Sauce Peanut Praline, in a pan on medium high heat, add the toasted peanuts and soy sauce. Toss until all peanuts are coated and soy sauce begins to evaporate, about 5 minutes. Add the caster sugar, tossing to coat the peanuts and melt sugar. Allow to cool completely. Transfer to a food processor and process until fine crumb. Mix through melted butter and sesame paste.  Spread peanut mixture onto a lined baking tray and chill in freezer until hard.
  9. Place a rectangle of Black Sesame and Ginger Cremeux in the centre of each plate.
  10. Top with the Candied Ginger slices, two blackberry halves and spoon over 1 teaspoon of ginger syrup.   Crumble 1 tablespoon of the Soy Sauce Peanut Praline over the top.