Gary was born and grew up on the South Coast of England. He studied to be a chef at Highbury College of Technology before leaving for London to take up his first full-time position.

He worked in two Michelin-starred restaurants in his early career – The Connaught Hotel under Michel Bourdan and Le Souffle at The Hyde Park Intercontinental under Peter Kromberg.

In 1991, Gary moved to Australia where he worked in restaurants before venturing into business at the age of 31.

He started Fenix Restaurant & Events, which gained a hat in its first year. He owned the business for 14 years. 

Before MasterChef Australia, Gary was teaching Australians to cook on TV programmes like Boys Weekend and Good Chef Bad Chef.

More recently Gary was in Delhi and Mumbai, filming an 11-part series called Masters of Taste.

He has also written four best-selling cook books, three on his own and two, Your Place or Mine and Cook With Us, written with fellow MasterChef Australia judge George Calombaris.

Gary’s wealth of experience and wisdom is invaluable to MasterChef Australia contestants and his considered questioning at the kitchen benches often puts them “through the ringer”.