Nigella surrounded by her usual golden halo

Nigella Lawson is a culinary superstar - but she’s so much more than that.

When she’s presiding over the MasterChef Australia kitchen she is tough while also being empathetic. She loves sweet dishes but is also obsessed with anything spicy.  

And most importantly, like our ancestors before us, she believes in the magical healing properties of a good cup of tea.

Yup, Nigella is pretty much perfect in every way. Here’s why we wish she could stick around all season.

She makes everyone she meets feel important

The contestants were starstruck when Nigella walked into the MasterChef Australia kitchen on the first day. But Nigella felt equally as lucky to be there. “I feel very lucky to have met you” Nigella told Adele when she was eliminated from the competition.

She’s always there to lend a helping hand

Who taught Jenny that the best way to peel ginger was with a spoon? Nigella of course.

She is totally empathetic

“I feel panicked on their behalf” she said when the contestants had to recreate four of her chocolate dishes in 75 minutes. “I wouldn’t want to be doing this.”

She gives amazing advice

When Jenny felt like she was doing badly in the competition, Nigella told her that she would have to silence her negative internal voice by 'cooking noisily'. We could all do with a wise word from Nigella.

She is a foodie after our own hearts

“I don’t know that I’ve ever met a pancake I didn’t like” she said in the immunity cook-off pancake-making challenge. We’re not picky either Nigella.

She has her priorities sorted

When Brendan cut himself so badly he had to go to hospital, she put a comforting arm around him and asked if he’d had a cup of tea. A nice strong brew fixes everything.

She doesn’t focus on failure

Did a dish not live up to expectations? That’s ok, Nigella says it’s all a learning experience.

Nigella cooking up some good advice to share with Adele

She tells it like it is

Nigella isn’t about unrealistic pep talks and telling contestants they need to ‘smash it’ in elimination cook-offs. She tells them not to dwell on it and to get a good night’s sleep – because sometimes all you need is practical instructions!

She’s super proud when the contestants do well

The red team’s dishes at the café team challenge looked so good she wished she had her phone to take food photos. She’d probably put them on Instagram too, like a proud parent.

And she isn’t afraid to argue for who and what she believes in

When Matt said he thought the Red team’s watermelon salad was too spicy in the café team challenge, she stuck up for it. She said all she needed was a bloody Mary and it would be perfect. It's always good to have Nigella in your corner.

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