Gordon Ramsay telling it like it is

Gordon Ramsay week was just as intense as we expected. But we’re still sad to see him go. 

Here are some of our favourite Gordon lines from a week which was more like Hell’s Kitchen than MasterChef.

“You’re sweating all over the place. I’d rather use the salt for seasoning than the sweat off your forehead.”

“Pickled cauliflower? Pea powder? Are you pickled?”

“I’m dying to taste the scallop sauce with the leaves of the cauliflower which I would normally serve to my frickin’ rabbit.”

“You’ve got balls clearly and you know how to dress food and turn chefs on.”

Gordon sharing his words of wisdom with Samira

“You’ve just made cauliflower one of the sexiest vegetables anywhere in Australia.” 

“Earth to Lisa! Why would you melon ball a potato in the middle of a burger challenge?”

“They’re rising, like my blood temperature is rising.”

“I’d love to see your buns!”

“It’s 75 minutes, not 7 and a half weeks. Get that lobster cooked.”

“Don’t fanny around fine dicing, we don’t need it.”

“Take out the s**t sac. I don’t want to eat that crunchy sac.”

“Duck is like you - muscly, rich, powerful.”

“You’re not cooking for a f**king senior home. It’s roast beef, how are you going to sex it up?”

The blue team are in a world of pain

“Don’t kill the food.”

“Guess who’s running the hotplate? Please welcome… you’re f**king staring at him.”

“We have to get this pork in. You’re rubbing it like it’s a girlfriend, we’ve gotta get it in the oven.”

Brendan: “Are we going to plate up at the front here?”
Gordon: “No we’re going to plate up in the ladies’ toilets.”

“What do you want, an email? Let’s go.”

“I could put that back in the f**king sea and it would start swimming.”

And let’s not forget his parting words: “F**king good luck to you all!”

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