The MasterChef Australia judges with Gordon Ramsay

He yells, he swears, he scares the bejeezus out of us quite frankly – and he’s probably about to do the same to the MasterChef Australia contestants.

That’s right, Gordon Ramsay week is finally here!

Ramsay is also a judge on the US version of the show but makes no secret of the fact that he thinks the Aussie version is better.

“Every time I have a producers’ meeting for the American MasterChef, I say, ‘Guys, look at this,’” he told Now to Love Australia

“The food in Australia’s MasterChef is better than some of the professionals in France and England. Get your s**t together!”

There’s the loud and unapologetic Gordon Ramsay we all know and love.

He’s stopping by for a series of challenges, but says he is particularly determined to help the contestants win the coveted immunity pin.

“I’m all about the underdog,” Ramsay says of the Immunity Challenge that pits a contestant against a professional chef.

“So when I get a chance to put the underdogs against the professionals, I’m going to make sure I give them everything I’ve got so they can take that pro down. I love that kind of combat.”

The first challenge is Ramsay’s very own British-themed mystery box. 

Who will impress one of the most demanding chefs in the world? And who will just get a good telling off? 

Tune in Friday 27 July at 7.30pm on TVNZ 1 to find out.

MasterChef Australia airs Wednesday to Saturday on TVNZ 1.