He’s impressed Gordon Ramsay and been a stand out already in season 10. Now Sashi also has two immunity pins, guaranteeing him safety in two elimination cook-offs.

He has also made history, as the first contestant ever to wear two immunity pins at the same time.

To win the record-breaking second pin, Sashi competed against Gina, Khanh, and Reece, who was also competing for a second pin.

The first round was an apprentice skills test, where the contestants went through three challenges, with the worst performer eliminated after each test.

In the first, they had to cut onion, carrot and celery into perfect 3mm x 3mm squares. Then they were asked to make a perfect hollandaise followed by a salted caramel sauce. 

Sashi beat all three of his fellow contestants, winning the chance to go up against a professional chef. This time it was Andy Harmer, who has worked and trained under mentor Shannon Bennett at Vue de monde.

But Shannon had no problems throwing over his old protegee to support Sashi in the cook off.

Sashi had the pick of ingredients and took inspiration from what he cooks for his family, choosing to hero lamb and peas in the dish.

While his dish of lamb and pea puree might not have seemed as complex or as well-presented as the professional’s, his perfectly cooked lamb and surprising flavours impressed the judges

They all scored him 9/10, giving him a total of 27/30, clearly beating Andy’s 24.

Sashi said this second immunity pin was dedicated to his kids.

“I’ve made a dish that my kids love and it’s for them,” he told the judges. “I think my family, my boys especially, will be running up and down the street yelling, ‘papa has won a second pin’.”

“I’m speechless,” he added. “It’s an amazing feeling!”

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