It came down to one single point in last night’s nail-biting final battle.

Three rounds of cooking under pressure had both contestants flustered. 

Diana secured the win in the final moments, with runner-up Ben Ungermann missing out by a miniscule margin. Ben’s game took a turn for the worse when he sliced his finger early on.

The final tally was 90 to 89, so arguably there was no loser on the day.

Diana and Ben became close friends over the course of the show, supporting each other up until the last moments. 

“It doesn’t matter who wins, we got through it,” Ben told Diana by way of comfort.

Diana, who is an accountant by trade, was humbled by the win. “It feels unreal. It’s been an incredible journey.”

“I’ve never been pushed so hard in my life," she said of the overall experience.  

2017 finalists, Diana Chan and Ben Ungermann.
Diana, moments after the final announcement.


A consistently good cook from day one, Diana has a talent for flavours. She impressed the judges and her fellow competitors time and time again.  

Diana fell in love with food when travelling through New York, and hopes to open a fresh and casual restaurant one day. In the meantime, she’s happy catering her friends’ birthdays and engagement parties. 

As a Masterchef winner, Diana also wins $250,000 to put towards pursuing her food dream, and a regular column in Australia’s Delicious magazine.  


Watch the 2017 Masterchef Australia finale right here.