We can’t get enough of Masterchef Australia, and we love being inspired by the talented contestants.

BUT, let’s be honest, the recipes are pretty complex. Unless you’re a professional chef, attempting to recreate them can be pretty daunting.

But we've put together some helpful hints, to give your cooking a little something extra.

Impress your friends and pretend you’re a culinary genius. This is Masterchef for dummies. 

  1. Always read (and rearead) your recipes first. You’d be surprised how easy it is to miss a step.
  2. You can’t beat a sharp knife, this is the only tool a good chef really needs.
  3. Get your veggies out of the fridge ahead of time, they’ll cook quicker if they’re room temperature.
  4. If your cheese is too soft to grate, freeze it for 20 minutes or so first.
  5. Treat herbs with respect. If you hack at them, they’ll lose their flavour.
  6. Score the skin of your meat before you cook it. This allows it to cook more evenly, and absorb more flavour.
  7. When using strong ingredients like raw onion, soak them in water first. This will draw out the sulfates and take the edge off.
  8. For perfect boiled potatoes, always start them in cold water. If you throw them in when the water’s boiling, they won’t cook evenly.
  9. Cook grains in stock instead of water, this adds flavour and richness.
  10. Butter and salt are great additives for improving the flavours in your dish. Sure, they’re not exactly healthy, but this is fine dining, right?
  11. Add a pinch of baking soda to the pot when boiling eggs. This will make them super easy to peel.
  12. When working with pastry, make sure your surfaces and utensils are cold. This stops the mixture becoming sticky or gluggy.
  13. Don’t cook your pasta in oil, it makes the sauce slide off!
  14. Rotate your oven trays at frequent intervals, to ensure your food cooks evenly.
  15. Always let meat rest before you slice it. Otherwise you’ll lose all the liquid, and the flavour along with it.
  16. Cut your meat against the grain. You won’t compromise the tenderness that way.
  17. Don’t dress your salads too early. Nobody likes a soggy salad.
  18. A drizzle of olive oil can help enhance your dish, and give it a silky finish.
  19. Don’t forget garnishes. They make a dish much more visual.
  20. ALWAYS taste your food before you serve it, particularly when experimenting with new ingredients. 


Now, if you're feeling adventurous, try giving one of these a go.